This is me...

I remember the exact moment when I had the choice to continue as the crow flies or turn, and I choose the path less traveled. I did not want to fly like a crow, I wanted to carve my own path.

Now, in my 40s, I prefer to know when I land in Tanzania or Anchorage where I will be staying and how I will get there. I find a strange comfort in having a full tank of gas and nothing compares to the magical vibrations I feel when my feet touch the streets of New York City.

I prefer sailing to rollercoasters and soft homemade cookies are my weakness, I am American by birth after all.

As a mom and photographer, I carry a ‘bag of tricks’ just in case we need to turn a frown upside down at any moment.

I love spring and fall and a cold rosé at the end of the day. I’m drawn to balance and organization and am amazed how nature is perfectly symmetrical.

I see beauty everywhere through light and shadows, in shapes and textures and always in children’s eyes. And I am in LOVE with preserving memories.

My super power is my ability to instantly transport families back to the most joyful and amazing moments of their lives when looking at their photographs today, tomorrow and 20 years from now.










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